Wednesday, October 22, 2008

More Election stuff.

I knew I was voting Democrat. I originally supported Hillary because I believed she knew the job first hand. I do not apologize for this, I merely state it. I switched my choice to Obama because he was a democrat. I have spent time reading about both candidates so that when I do cast my vote I know that I am making the right choice.

So having read about both Candidates and their VP choices, and their wives. I am feeling really good about my vote for Obama. I am impressed with his relationship with Michelle. They appear to be truly in love with each other. Imagine that.

Obama acts with thoughtfulness of purpose. McCain is a hot head who reacts. Obama respects his wife, McCain called his trophy wife the C word. Obama has a plan, McCain just wings it and plays on the fears of the country.

I think many people are coming to recognize that the honorable Senator from Arizona, needs to go back there. I am sorry Arizona, but you elected him, you deal with him.

I would vote for CHANGE tomorrow if I could and be done. President Barack Obama. I like it. I will continue to say it.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Just kind of chatting

I read the Yarn Harlot's post yesterday and I was dismayed.
"The lines are long at security and I did them coffeeless. This makes me double proud- especially when someone in airport line sees the Canadian flag on my suitcase and takes the time out of their own busy line waiting to tell me that I live in a socialist hell that is doomed to failure. I somehow managed, yay verily though I was COFFEELESS, to thank them for taking the time to share. "

People will you chill out! I think the election is getting to folks. I think its time to smell the yarn. Here have a bit of merino wool to hold for a moment. Feel the softness, breathe deeply.

Okay so someone explain to me how the people who claim they are for the rights of the unborn can view the life of a living person and find it to be less than sacred? Let us get through this election and try to be at the very least civil to each other.

Let not our public officials incite hatred. Let the leaders of our various religions preach a message of peaceful discourse. Let us heal this country. And for heavens sake let us not be rude to our neighbors in Canada.