Sunday, August 9, 2009

Wishing I was there

Oregon Cellar" Yummy 2-ply Sock & Baby Yarn
Oregon Cellar from missbabs' stash I ordered this.

Things I wish.

  • That the next sock summit will be closer to home.
  • That there will be another sock summit
  • That all those who participated in it are happy with the results.
  • That the Yarn Harlot and Tina are well compensated for their efforts in this endeavor.
  • That someone is documenting this beyond the Guiness Book of World Records.

Well there are many things that I wish. Like that I win the lottery soon.

I have been living through the Sock Summit on a vacarious level as well as many other Ravelers. It must be so exciting to be there in the presence of the many wonderous knitters. I would love to hear the comments from all the knitters who taught classes and had booths there. I think that the high from pulling this thing off must be staggering. So please keep taking pictures and posting them for those of us who can't be there.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Dye for Glory and Sock Summit

I peeked at the sock summit group, to see what was happening. It looks like one of those once in a lifetime events. It seems it is the Woodstock of Sock Yarn and Sock Knitting, only indoors and cleaner. I am torn between thinking I wish I could be there and the truth of knowing it would be just so overwhelming to me. So many fabulous sock knitters and so much yarn. I did vote for yarn in the Dye for Glory, and I did even order a skein of yarn. (might have to hold it in a special place for a while). I hope that all those attending truly enjoy themselves and hope they provide lots of pics for those of us to view and enjoy. Sock on...................