Wednesday, October 22, 2008

More Election stuff.

I knew I was voting Democrat. I originally supported Hillary because I believed she knew the job first hand. I do not apologize for this, I merely state it. I switched my choice to Obama because he was a democrat. I have spent time reading about both candidates so that when I do cast my vote I know that I am making the right choice.

So having read about both Candidates and their VP choices, and their wives. I am feeling really good about my vote for Obama. I am impressed with his relationship with Michelle. They appear to be truly in love with each other. Imagine that.

Obama acts with thoughtfulness of purpose. McCain is a hot head who reacts. Obama respects his wife, McCain called his trophy wife the C word. Obama has a plan, McCain just wings it and plays on the fears of the country.

I think many people are coming to recognize that the honorable Senator from Arizona, needs to go back there. I am sorry Arizona, but you elected him, you deal with him.

I would vote for CHANGE tomorrow if I could and be done. President Barack Obama. I like it. I will continue to say it.

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