Thursday, November 13, 2008

Class with Cat Bordhi

Well I broke down and took the class. I thought heck I have her books, I watch her videos, I can do this. I think if you have the opportunity to take a class from her you should do it. She is very nice and there is something about how her brain works in the creation of socks and things that I don't think can be replicated.

I would say I was the odd one there, I was the lone person who began as a crocheter. Most of the women have been knitting since they were 18 (make that 8) years old. One woman brought her entire collection of socks from the Pathways book. They were incredible. I was one intrigued by someone who had managed to retain that many socks and not give them away. I think there is something to be said for that. I don't know if I will ever manage that. Part of the joy of the creation of socks for me, is having someone wear them and love them.

I also hesitate to cast on yet for one of hers. I am currently working on no less than five pairs of socks. Each is rather simple and each of them has a mate in progress. Because I make sure to do toes and heels at the same time before setting the socks down, its not difficult to pick up where I left off. So there is no real thought involved . This is a good thing.

I bought a lovely green colinette jitterbug that probably wants to be a pair of spring thaw socks. I read on her group of a few who are doing it in green and I think that is the ticket. I will wait till until I get at least two of the pairs done before I begin that sock.

I met Julia of Knitterly Things. She had yarn that made me breathless. Beautiful beautiful postively luminous yarn. MUST HAVE SOME OF THAT.... She had on her sweater Cassidy. It was incredible.

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