Monday, December 8, 2008

Sunday afternoon with Barb

My cousin and I chat almost daily. There are things to say. Of course my cousin is more of a sister than a cousin, and we both knit and we both knit socks. She has children and grandchildren I have cats. Her husband thinks the two of us are kooks, he is certain this knit thing is a phase, (secretly hoping it will pass) oh well, keep hoping. So it isn't as easy to get together as you would think, there is always something going on in her life and my life so a Sunday afternoon together is a thing to cherish. This Sunday the game plan was to put together an easy supper and have a knit session while we watched Dexter. She got showtime and has been holding off on watching him since I couldn't. I made a brisket she made eggplant parm and we got our chance. It was wonderful. We traded knitted scarves. I made brisket by putting it a glass dish and covering it with Heinz 57 steak sauce and water (the new stuff with Lee & Perrin in it) Yep the whole bottle. I made it the day before and it was pretty damn good. So we watched Dexter in the living room while her husband watched football. We did pause to eat and for a change Barb actually liked something I cooked. She liked the pattern of the scarf I made. The mistake rib and she liked the edges because I alway slip the first stitch. I learned that on a project and normally I do it on all project that have a straight edge unless the design required you do something else to the first stitch. She ripped back the scarf she had started and did it with the mistake rib stitch.

Okay a day later I am reading this ramble and damn just have the energy to make it make sense. So I am posting it as it is... with all its problems.... lol.

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