Wednesday, December 10, 2008


I remember when television was black and white. Thank God those days are over. Life is full of color, and I enjoy it. But sometimes it can be confusing. Like in the selection of yarn for a project. Now my basic wardrobe is black, not goth just black. Mostly black pants. I do wear a sweater with color in it, mostly one color at a time. I am cautious about wearing florals... for instance. I am not a small woman, so I do not want to assault people with large flowers on my body or assault myself for that matter. OH and bye the way, who the hell makes the clothes for larger women. Some of that stuff is just freakin frightening. Exceedingly large butterflies on blouses, ummmm please give me a break. BIG FLOWERS, yikes..... yikes and more yikes.

So I go into the yarn store and yarn is arrayed in all its glory, beconning to me BUY ME BUY ME. BUT what color do I buy. Well in yarn it isn't black. I don't much care to knit black, its hard on the eyes. Hey what do you want, I am running fast toward 50 and damn I can't slow the clock down. Well I do like RED, GREEN, BLUE, I have even taken on Orange as a color. I know I Hated orange for years. Now its all good. Well perhaps not hunter orange, or criminal orange, but pumpkin, well thats a lovely shade.

Well the other thing that kind of blows my mind is sock yarn. I LOVE SOCK YARN. I love the colors, I love the texture and MOST OF THE TIME I love the way the person who dyed the yarn or the company that dyed the yarn did the arrangement of colors. There is always an exception to the rule. I bought a sock yarn from a company that makes lovely yarns, but the colors annoyed me together. I know I have issues. I knit, and thought well it will improve, I knit some more, it didn't. I hate the sock, I gave the sock to Barb who finished knitting it and its mate and sent it off as a donation. Gone from my sight, not even in my projects on Ravelry. Be gone sock that gave me the fidgets. Someone somewhere loves that sock I am sure. IT WASN't ME.

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