Tuesday, December 9, 2008

My Life

I did this post yesterday about Barb and I. Barb and I lived in the same house when were children, we are three years apart age wise. Our parents shared a house, we had the upstairs, and her family had the downstairs, and we didn't think there was anything weird about that at all. Of course it was the sixties, while the rest of the world was doing hippy dippy things we just shared a house and our grandmother lived seven houses down the street from us with our then batchelor Uncle Ralph. Barbs mom and my mom were sisters, unfortunately both are gone now. My mother lost in a baby boy in 1955, and Barb was born the year after. Her mother had a son and a daughter already, so she didn't really mind if my mother (I haven't appeared yet) kind of took over with Barb. I came around in 1959 and Barb and I were inseparable.. WE fought like cats and dogs, and I have issues to this day about Barbie dolls. Barb was always saving hers for her children , it really got on my nerves so I ummmm abused mine. Not to worry the kid down the street actually liked them better than I did and he secretly played with mine. Someone had to like them, so he did.

My mother passed away in 1967 which was of course horrible and a while later my father remarried and I moved away. Now I only moved a matter of blocks away. (this is Pittsburgh remember) we love our towns and boroughs and tend to stay put. I am again living in the house I moved to in 1969. The thing was, now that they had parted us , we only wanted to be together again. We have been close all this time. Barb and I have gone through phases, we did crochet, we did cross stitch, we did an assortment of things. So Ken her husband is right when he talks about the phases, however the knitting thing well I am afraid its more of an obsession than a phase. I happen to think it is okay, I mean look we could be drunks, we could be always looking for that next drink, instead we look for yarn.. When was the last time you heard of anyone causing a fatal accident from yarn fumes? No one runs a ribbon campaign against knitting and driving, (as it happens I am incapable of this I really do need to focus on knitting or driving) I do not combine the two. My worst offense may be looking at yarn purchases at red lights. Well again, Who does that hurt? Besides our habit creates lovely woolen things. In my case mostly socks, but I have hit a hurdle. I have become obsessed with creating a hat I can actually wear and not put on a teddy bear or an infant. So far its hats 4 Jane 0. I have made at least four hats , none of which I can wear. But that ends right now. I am knitting with size 10.75 addi turbos making a hat. (oh um part of the problem could be I don't gauge, and I don't really follow the advice of the pattern), Gee you mean that makes a difference....... Well I am starting again from scratch and designing this as I go. Hold me back so I don't decrease too soon...

So hopefully in a day or two I will claim success.

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