Monday, February 16, 2009

Catching up

Happy Valentines Day.... a bit late but then who's checking... I got a present. I have a thing for pins (as in pin to your clothing). The Barbara aka FOOL4YARN, all caps got me a lizard brooch (gee that just looks so funny typed) anyway its a lizard with little gems scattered all over it. I happen to like lizards, at least in theory. I am not so sure I would like them loose in my house but they are adorable as a pin.
I also got sockies. Lovely green sockies. See above photo of the lovely socks, handmade by the Barbara. So I got presents not a present. These happen to be such cool presents they require blogging about them.
So Barb was having her mother-in-law over to give her socks also quite lovely socks, see her Ravelry site to view them. She was going to have her over for dinner and pass on the socks to her. Gloria, Barb's mother-in-law is supercool. She learned to sew as a child because her father was a tailor, in East Liberty, (a part of Pittsburgh). Gloria is a fan of our socks. Barb made her a pair and she was wearing them everyday, washing them out at night and wearing them again the next day. (love those folks who love our socks) So Gloria asked Barb if she would knit her another pair to spell the one pair. So I just invited myself over since I knew Gloria was gonna be there, I don't see her often enough, so I crashed the get together. Hey I offered to bring food... I made a brisket and some baby bundt red velvet cakes, okay box mix but I did turn on the oven, so that means I baked.
Well Barb is collecting fabric to make a rag rug, and of course I told her there was a group on Ravelry about this. So I enter the house and have a near fit, she is cutting up fabric and just cutting it into these large strips. Well do I say hello Gloria , NO, I damn near shriek at her ---- what are you doing?? Stop doing it that way, don't you read the stuff I tell you to... It was a moment or two of total chaos. The dog pulled the bag off the table and the brisket and the thankfully un-iced cakes toppled to the floor. (both were safely incased in containers and the brisket was doubled bagged around the container) Mayhem, ummm just a bit............
Anyway it all worked out in the end.... a nice afternoon was had by all. Cousin Rose, Barbs real sister, was in the living room watching The Day stood Still on the large screen TV. Barb and Gloria and I were in the kitchen doing the prep work with the fabric for the rag rug for her granddaughter's room. Gloria and I were winding balls of fabric while Barb tore into it like a wild woman. I had to dodge her fists as she tore strips (somewhat scary) ...
Oh I brought presents too.... I gave Barb a pair of heart earrings... and she coveted the silly bracelet I had on made of red buttons. Done, I gave it to her. I don't often wear a bracelet and I know Barb won't own it long. It will belong to one of the grandchildren before you say "Bob's your uncle".
Dinner was great. Gloria made that pistascio bundt cake with a chocolate center.... Yum Yum. Its something like this.
1 yellow cake mix
1 box pistascio pudding (dry mix)
add to this 4 eggs , 1 half cup of water 1 half cup of orange juice
pour all but about a forth of it into a bundt pan then add some amound of hersheys chocolate syrup to the balance of the mix and pour it around the pan.
Bake, and dust with confectioners sugar. Oh my its so good... They also liked my little baby bundts.. I iced them with chocolate icing filling the center with chocolate. (didn't look as pretty, since I didn't use a star tip. But they tasted pretty yummy.
So there was my Sunday with Barb and Gloria. (oh Big Ken hid in the family room, because he finds us to be a bit much when we get together. Little ken was gifted my distressed Steeler socks, which look far better on him than on me.

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