Sunday, March 29, 2009

The blanket is done. Amen

Well its done and amen to that. It took approximately 6 minutes to do each row. (started out at seven and got it down to six. There a many rows. I have never before knit a baby blanket. I knit an afghan that took an eternity but not a baby blanket. I loved the yarn, it was so soft on the size 7 needles (one size up from the recommended needle size.) Its a little less wide that I would like it to be, but I needed to finish it, and have one more thing from the UFO file closed and done and move on. For the edges I picked up the bumps of garter stitch and knit a few rows of white to tie into the center, all except on the cast on row. Then I did a sewn bind-off. What a time consuming thing that is. Not bad for socks, but it was positively soul sucking for a bind off on the blanket. I do however like the stretchy quality it has , because I started doing a regular bindof and it was too tight and pulled the blanket on the ends. So I had to go back and redo it. Now the entire blanket has some stretch to it and lies nicely without bunching. Pretty pleased with the finished product.

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