Saturday, April 4, 2009

Staging your sock photos

The things that children teach you. Barb and Rayne were going to photograph Barb's bunnies, Rayne who just turned 7 years old set up the photo. She posed the bunnies in the window and put Easter Eggs around them, she STAGED the photo. Well not to be outdone by the likes of a 7 year old I have restaged a few photos myself. Darn those people who I have given away socks to, I won't be able to restage all my socks. Here are my "Socks so nice I bought the yarn twice." You would think I would recall what yarn it was huh? Nope not a clue. Fortuately I will see it again on Ravelry and then post the correct name. But you bought it twice you say. I did and Barb took it and knit a pair for Gena, her sock groupie, so I don't know the name of it. However I loved the yarn. Now I had knit these almost a year and a half ago and worn them and look they look just fine. I am not kind to my socks, I wash them in the washer and use the dryer and bam don't they still look Fabulous..... Yeah I am a nerd of the first order, but I amuse myself if noone else. I was kind too, since I have possession of FOOL4YARN'S "St. Patrick's Day Socks" I also staged and photographed them... and being the nice person that I am I snuck into her Ravelry account and posted the new photo for her.
Barb's sister Rose has three pair of my socks and one pair of Barb's socks, I told her I wanted all her socks to rephotograph them, she looked at me like "Yeah Right". But I am sorry I did not stage them properly from the get go. It could happen, it might not. I would like to have them photographed on the sock forms to show just how pretty they really are, however we shall see.
Oh and Rayne, how do you like my photo now? Seven year old sheesh......

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