Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Going over the edge

Okay so I crocheted for years, but I never made a toilet paper cover or a toilet seat cover for that matter. I have seen some truly gruesome crocheted stuff. I swore I would not be a party to it. I have crocheted a few mice lately as cat toys. So here is my problem. I can't have real flowers in the house, they will just be dragged about the house by the furry ones. So I saw the flowers on the Joann Website and thought hmmmmmmmm perhaps.... Then I had a vision of me becoming Granny from Sylvester and Tweety. (Okay so I have to grow my hair out to do the bun thing, and I have to get a chest, to fill out the granny dress, but I do have glasses. I am serious I got this crazed vision of me as her the semi-sweet granny from Tweety... Over the edge I go

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