Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Change happens

Well it just so happens I get a kick out this button. I haven't taken any sock in progress photos as of late so I offer you this.
We all have trolls in our lives. Those people who seek to dismiss or diminish the things we have done. My trolls are those who say silly things to me like "WHY DO YOU ONLY KNIT SOCKS? " Okay you get a button. I happen to adore socks. Since the moment I created a pair I was hooked, addicted, and hopelessly lost to the world of socks. I am happy making them, I am pretty sure the world will be better for a few pair of my socks warming the feet of the Sock Worthy folks in my life.
I do on that rare occasion knit other things, like a baby surprize jacket, here and there. I have a few other items that are on my TO KNIT list. However knitting socks is a good thing.

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