Saturday, September 13, 2008

Similar Cats

Crazy Aunt Purls Cat - Sobakowa My Cat - Princess Tipper Pukes Alot
When I got PTPA (or baby kitty) I thought wow what a strange looking cat... Of course then I thought oh my god what a beautiful cat. Its funny how pets grow on you. I think she is quite lovely and she is a Princess and she tips over unattended glasses and she pukes frequently, I think she is bulemic if that is at all possible. Once a week she does this purge thing. Then its done. I guess we all have issues even cats. She does like to keep her girlish figure and she is a garbage can. She will attempt to eat anything including embroidery on clothing.
When I first saw Sobakowa I realized that my cat was not entirely unique. I am new to the cat thing, so forgive me for not knowing this. I read her stories of Sobakowa and thought it sounded a great deal like my baby girl. She rules the roost. She is the Alpha Cat amoung two males. They tolerate her and move aside for her. She is the Princess after all in training to be Queen.

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