Monday, September 15, 2008

Election and socks

Meet Avatar, he came to me as a kitten but he was already named. He is my first house cat. I mean he is a house cat because he is not permitted to go outdoors. He would love to be outdoors but he really isn't all that brave and he is declawed.

He is a somewhat crazy cat, he had a thing for shoes. He is very into playing with things, mostly things that aren't his to play with, but he does like some of his toys. In my somewhat biased opinion he is a beautiful cat.

That said, I move onto the election. I am so dreading this fall and the onslaught of commercials. I am tired of the campaign, I want to vote and be done with it. I want Obama to win and the Democrats to be in the White House. I am tired of the sillyness of the election. I am tired of the Republicans in office. Okay I voted for Hillary, I can't have her. I am over it. Let's quit crying over it. It's time we just elected the designated hitter and move on.

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