Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Well last evening we went to Wicked. It does not disappoint. I will say it took me a while to like the Good Witch. She reminds me of one my cousins on my father's side. I hope she isn't into reading blogs, lol. But she had that same kind of voice, that little girl voice, that lingered long after it was cute. Drove me a bit nuts.

I went with a posse of relatives and friends, but honestly once the musical began I could have been in OZ. I was held captive by the music and the play.

My other cousin Barb has seen Wicked twice, once in Chicago and once in Buffalo. I have never seen a musical anywhere but Pittsburgh but the Benedum Center is beautiful and I have no complaints. I had decent seats. Not the front row but fortunately on the aisle and that meant a bit more room. We had Carmen Rose with us and she loved it. She got Wicked tickets for her Birthday, as did her mom.. Speaking of her mom. Lisa was quite the entertainer. We were stuck in the parking garage for a long time, so I put in my cd of Broadway musicals, well Lisa got possessed when Ease on Down the Road came on and jumped out of the van and did a little dance in the garage. Carmen was a bit embarrassed by the display, but it was very entertaining for all who were trapped in the long waiting line.

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